Make this and every year about learning and growth!

Year after year, people start their January off with a list of resolutions. Whether written down, in a mental list, or in a new gym membership – there are themes that reoccur in personal resolutions each year. It may be the desire to lose weight, or complete a challenge, start a business, or some daunting adventure.

Often, resolutions fail. Miserably.

Why do resolutions so often fail?

I believe resolutions fail because people fail to identify and learn what works and what doesn’t work… specifically for them.

If you feel as if you speed through January with best intention, but by February, March, April or May, you lose steam, lose focus, lose hope… then check out our latest video on Past Year Review.

The past year review method has (for friends and I) removed dead-end activities, eliminated sources of frustration, and zapped the energy vampires. Meanwhile, following the method has added positive personal development, ensured participation in energizing activities, and surrounding oneself with inspiring mentors.

Not a bad use of time to jump start your new year! Don’t wait til the next year to learn about this method.

Wishing you much Positive new energy, health, prosperity and growth!


Korg Gadget for iOS mini-review

KORG Gadget for iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) musician’s mini review

Korg Gadget (iOS)


As an active song writer, musician and performer on-the-go, having efficient music tools to quickly capture my ideas, arrange and share them has evolved over decades.  What was once  packing and dealing with multiple instrument flight cases, amplifiers, speakers, laptop bags, audio interfaces, as well as miles of audio and data cables has thankful evolved immensely.  Today, my music can be composed primarily using an iPad, headphones, a MIDI keyboard controller, and a couple essential cables – all of which can fit in a single carry-on bag.

The key to my music composition and arrangement solution is –  KORG’s “Gadget” on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

Finding Korg’s Gadget has been nothing short of life changing. Being able to quickly play a melody, capture a chord progressions, and move ideas around in the arrangement has NEVER been easier.  Capturing audio tracks with the latest version of Gadget has also increased the value of musicians looking to record scratch vocals and even product ready vocals on-the-go.

Korg Gadget screens
Korg Gadget’s various screens

Each Gadget track contains note, note duration, or audio waveforms (when recording audio directly or via import) and volume date, as well as the ability for each parameter of the track’s instrument to be AUTOMATED. Yes!  Korg Gadget includes functional automation too!

Gadget’s  “Function” page:

Korg Gadget Function page
Korg Gadget Function page

Individual bars and tracks are easily copied, duplicated, muted/unmuted, extended, or even contracted.

Have a verse or chorus that should be copied?

Don’t like the length of the bridge? 

Want to extend your intro or outro? 

With a few taps in the arrangement window, your compositional changes are easily DONE.   Arguably faster than mouse operated DAW functions – Gadget makes musical arrangements a snap.



Korg Gadget growing array of soft and virtual instruments are sonic gems that are easily changed, patches created/ modified/saved, and most importantly – enable musical expression.

Here is the current snap shot of Korg Gadget instruments;

Hypersonic PCM Drum Module

This is a drum sound module Gadget designed specifically for dance music. True to its simple, straightforward looks, it instantly gives you a performance-ready drum kit. There are more than 400 samples that will cover your needs for a variety of dance music formats including Electro, Minimal, Dubstep and so on. It also provides three effects that you can use on each part, as well as a master effect.

Korg Gadget Marseille

Polyphonic PCM Synthesizer

With its workstation-like looks, this polyphonic synthesizer gadget offers a broad selection of standard keyboard sounds, brass, strings, and synth sounds. When you need a piano or electric piano, this Gadget will deliver. There’s a “Chord” function that lets you produce chords of the scale you specify, making it simple to create a chord progression with no wrong notes.



Monophonic Synchronized Synthesizer

This is a synthesizer Gadget with a classical design that’s optimized for lead sounds. It provides a sync oscillator that can generate complex overtones, delivering diverse sounds with a sense of modulation.


Tube Bass Machine

This is a straightforward acid house bass Gadget with a shiny silver metal body. It features a “Bite” filter that covers the range from classic, “sticky-sounding” synth bass to intensely distorted aggressive sounds. There’s a built-in arpeggiator and multi-effect, so your creations will have plenty of variety.


Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer

This polyphonic synthesizer Gadget offers classic, vintage design and sound. Its painstaking analog emulation provides analog sound with warmth and presence. This is an all-around synth that you can use for chordal backing, pad sounds, or anything else.


Monophonic Wobble Synthesizer

This Gadget provides the types of bass sounds that are indispensable for today’s electronic music. It features an “X-MOD” oscillator that generates complex overtones and modulation, and a “CRUSH” filter that adds distinctive noise. “WOBBLE” modulation lets you shift the character to produce a wobble sound evocative of an evil monster, often heard in Dubstep.


Hybrid Polyphonic Synthesizer

This Gadget is a collection of distinctive analog synthesizer waveforms that have been resampled using digital technology. It provides two effect units and four modulation matrix systems, and is distinctive for a dynamic and powerful sound that matches its tasteful, black-themed panel layout.


Monophonic Anthem Synthesizer

This synthesizer Gadget has a simple and carefully considered parameter structure with an intuitive user interface. The thick unison tones that emanate from this futuristic design will give you the lead sounds that you need for any type of electronic music.


Analog Percussion Synthesizer

This is a drum Gadget that collects four compact analog-type drum sound modules into a single package. Each module gives you parameters that are tuned respectively to kick, snare, tom and percussion sounds, allowing you to experience the distinctive enjoyment of creating sound with analog modules.


Monophonic Semi-Modular Synthesizer

This is a semi-modular synthesizer Gadget with classic, vintage looks. It’s especially good for deep bass sounds. In addition to being capable of straightforward yet deep subtractive synthesis with a plain waveform and filter, it also lets you enjoy a wide range of varying tones by changing the patching.


PCM SFX Boombox

With the beefy looks of a gold body sporting chrome knobs, this is a four-part PCM sound module gadget containing more than one hundred sound effects that give impact to your song, including one-shot sounds, synth sounds, and scratches. It also contains numerous chord samples, allowing you to create chord progressions as if you were assembling a collage.


Advanced Spatial Digital Synthesizer

The yellow body of this synthesizer Gadget projects the impression of a secret weapon hidden in an industrial zone. It features “vector synthesis” using four oscillators that generate organic, spacey sounds. Use the touchpad to intuitively control the mysterious “warp” sound that seems to contort space itself.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai
Variable Phase Modulation Synthesizer

This is a polyphonic synthesizer Gadget that features VPM (Variable Phase Modulation) synthesis. With a subdued gold body, this gadget is particularly good at sparkling metallic bell sounds.


Polyphonic Ambient Synthesizer

This is a pad sound Gadget that’s easy to use for genres such as Ambient or Chillwave. The subtle yet deep sound played through lo-fi and reverb effects, conveyed through the floating interface, creates an atmosphere that is both nostalgic and futuristic.


Polyphonic Chip Synthesizer

This polyphonic synthesizer Gadget is optimized for 8-bit or “chip tune” sounds. The timeless waveforms that still exemplify the sounds of a computer are provided in the oscillator section, and there are also “JUMP” and “RUN” functions that make those sounds even more bizarre. You can also use effects to additionally modulate the sound.


Universal Audio Recorder

This is a universal audio gadget designed like a vintage tape recorder, but with a stylish modern appearance which everyone will love. You can import audio files and record vocals, acoustic guitar or other acoustic instruments into your audio track for easy replay. It features 26 different effects including compressor, EQ, filters, and reverb. It’s the all-around useful solution for your audio recordings.


Guitar Effect Processor

This immensely inspiring guitar amp Gadget gives you the unmistakable depth and atmosphere of a guitar amp. Connect it to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and you can riff, perform, and record to your heart’s content. Offers 30 different presets faithfully modeled using 19 different amps ranging from vintage to modern high-gain, 12 different cabinets, and 24 different effects pedals.


Futuristic Drum Module

This retro-futurist drum gadget provides 16 pads and incredible sounds to satisfy your beat-making needs. Create powerful sounds at will with our meticulously crafted vintage rhythm machine, which features acoustic drums, sound effects, and different beats. Provides 30 different kits that are battle-ready for a broad array of genres.


Lightning Sample Player

The beats you need right now are generated at lightning speed. This is a one-shot sampler gadget with 16 parts. Numerous beats redolent with lo-fi feel are built in, expanding the range of the “London” drum sound module gadget. In addition, you can freely import your own samples to limitlessly expand your sound set.

* In KORG Gadget for iOS, this gadget is available for purchase within the app.

Abu Dhabi

*Abu Dhabi
Dynamic Loop Slicer

Instantly and automatically slice loop samples. This is a futuristic-looking sampler gadget that lets you freely manipulate grooves. Carefully selected electro drum and chord sequences are provided, and you can instantly transform them into other-dimensional sounds with a single-stroke gesture. You can also freely import your own favorite samples for unlimited possibilities.

* In KORG Gadget for iOS, this gadget is available for purchase within the app.


Wave Table Synthesizer

This synthesizer gadget emulates 80s video games by using Wavetable synthesis as a sound source. Based on the NAMCO CUSTOM30 sound generator in their world famous 1980’s arcade games, the sound team of Bandai Namco Studios have reimagined the most popular game sounds and put them into a dedicated Gadget called Kamata. By using the carefully selected parameters for each of the 32 x 4-bit samples in the wavetable, you can design music and sounds that are both nostalgic and new.

* In KORG Gadget for iOS, this gadget is available for purchase within the app.


Acoustic Drum Module

Gladstone is a powerful acoustic drum Gadget that will complement the sound of most styles of music regardless of genre. Equipped with 20 high quality drum kits, Gladstone enables you to compose a wide variety of drum parts. In addition to master effects, it creates an ambience and feel that suit the mood of the song, allowing you to quickly produce the drum sounds and patterns you’re looking for.

* In KORG Gadget for iOS, this gadget is available for purchase within the app.


Dynamic Bass Machine

Madrid is a powerful bass gadget that will add a lively groove to your music. Featuring acoustic bass, electric bass, six types of bass amp and two groups of built-in effects, you can change the sound character easily and substantially. From a strong, aggressive bass to a thick, plump bass, this gadget not only delivers powerful low tone but also realistically reproduce differences in most playing styles.

* In KORG Gadget for iOS, this gadget is available for purchase within the app.

Layering Melody Sampler

You can create an infinite number of sounds with this simple sampler gadget, which allows you to play preloaded sounds with ease using the keyboard. With a retro look and more than 90 unique sounds including acoustic instruments, synthesizers, voice and sound effects. In addition to the preset timbres you can also import your own sounds to two sample oscillators.

* In KORG Gadget for iOS, this gadget is available for purchase within the app.

Polyphonic Sci-Fi Synthesizer

A polyphonic synthesizer gadget that produces a thick, glossy, futuristic sound, indispensable for electronic music. With KORG’s electronic circuit modelling technology and a powerful synthesizer engine with five different effects, you can instantly create great sound regardless of music genre and style.

* In KORG Gadget for iOS, this gadget is available for purchase within the app.

Loudness Maximizer

“DOTEC-AUDIO DeeMax”, the well known loudness maximizer that allows you to increase the volume of your audio while preserving its quality with just a simple slider, has been added as a gadget. It features a TURBO switch for the strongest punch, and a SAFE switch to prevent excessive saturation. Used as a master effect after finishing your song, it helps create a powerful, intense sound.

* In KORG Gadget for iOS, this gadget is available for purchase within the app.
* DOTEC-AUDIO DeeMax is not included in Gadget Plug-in Collection


Premium Acoustic Piano

This is a premium acoustic piano gadget containing un-looped samples recorded from world-renowned grand pianos. Changes in your playing dynamics will vary between multiple sample levels, reproducing subtle changes in velocity and giving the sound a rich dynamic range. This also reproduces the sympathetic resonance of the open strings when the damper pedal is pressed. Since it includes sounds such as upright piano and electric grand piano, as well as variations that add pads or strings, you’ll enjoy a variety of high-quality sounds.

*1 In KORG Gadget for iOS, you will be able to use this gadget if you purchase the KORG Module app.
*2 Of the expansion sound libraries that can be purchased within the KORG Module app, Ivory Mobile Grand is not included with KORG Gadget for Mac.


Vintage Electric Piano

This is an electric piano gadget that reproduces a vintage electric piano, distinctive for its unforgettably sweet sound. Multiple velocity layers are provided, ensuring a realistic sound over the full range of soft to strong notes. Also provided are the EQ and tremolo that are indispensable for creating the electric pianos you know and love (and more!), as well as a drive circuit that’s ideal for funky sounds. Immerse yourself in the delicate sound of this gadget.

* In KORG Gadget for iOS, you will be able to use this gadget if you purchase the KORG Module app.


Legendary Vintage Organ

This is a powerful organ gadget that samples a variety of sounds from a traditional classic organ. With an impressive rotary speaker, vibrato and chorus sounds, and an overdrive circuit that adds warm distortion, it’s easy to produce realistic organ sounds.

* In KORG Gadget for iOS, you will be able to use this gadget if you purchase the KORG Module app.


Funky Electric Keyboard

This is a Clav gadget that reproduces a classic instrument noted for its percussive sound and strong beat. The pickup and filter can be controlled with separate switches, making it easy to experiment with changes in the sound. Other carefully selected parameters indispensable for the Clav include a Mute slider that adjusts the decay.

* In KORG Gadget for iOS, you will be able to use this gadget if you purchase the KORG Module app.


Superior PCM Synthesizer

This gadget can produce a wide variety of sounds including strings, brass, and synth. It features crisp, high-quality sounds. The parameters most suitable for editing are switched for each sound, allowing you to decide on the tone you want.

* In KORG Gadget for iOS, you will be able to use this gadget if you purchase the KORG Module app.


Digital PCM Synthesizer

This is a digital PCM synthesizer gadget powered by the KORG iM1 app. It has special sounds that could only be produced by the legendary M1 Music Workstation, the instrument that defined an era. There is an enormous library of sound programs that will cover your needs for a huge variety of music genres. Functions like “Smart Sound Browser” and “Easy Edit” make it easy to search and make fine adjustments to the sound.

* In KORG Gadget for iOS, you will be able to use this gadget if you purchase the KORG iM1 app.


Duophonic Analogue Synthesizer

The legendary analog synthesizer, ARP ODYSSEY is now available as a Gadget. Its main characteristics are 3 different filters originating from the different dates of production, and a sharp, edgy sound that comes from the drive circuitry. Furthermore, through use of the 6 powerful effects, it’s not just a faithful reproduction, a whole variety of evolved sounds are possible.

* In KORG Gadget for iOS, you will be able to use this gadget if you purchase the ARP ODYSSEi app.


Wave Sequence Synthesizer

The Wave Sequence Synthesizer, the new WAVESTATION Gadget, has the ability to create sounds by combined or shifting between multiple complex waveforms. Equipped with joystick-operated mix/morphing functions and the new graphically enhanced Wave Sequence View, it allows you to intuitively control an unprecedented variety of sounds.

* In KORG Gadget for iOS, you will be able to use this gadget if you purchase the KORG iWAVESTATION app.

4VCO Analogue Synthesizer

A legend amongst synthesizers and KORG’s analog synth family, the “Mono/Poly” has been Gadgetized. In addition to 4VCO, Montpellier has 2 multi effects and 8 patches storing settings for 159 different modulation sources affecting 35 different destinations. Montpellier has the power of “Mono/Poly” in a Gadget that will generate a broad pallet of rich analog sounds easily and with complete control.

* In KORG Gadget for iOS, you will be able to use this gadget if you purchase the KORG iMono/Poly app.


A flexible multi-type Arpeggiator with adjustable gate duration can be applied to most instruments.

Korg’s Gadget brings great depth and flexibility while maintain intuitiveness that enables use with little-to-no reference of the app’s online manuals.

Sharing your music via Korg Gadget:

Korg Gadget’s export functions are mind-bogglingly extensive and absolutely utilitarian.

Korg Gadget Export Functions
Korg Gadget Export Functions

Export options include:

Linking to your *SoundClound account via “GadgetCloud” *( SoundCloud account required)

Linking to *Allihoopa *(Allihoopa account required)

Exporting to a Ableton Live Project

Exporting to DropBox (with more options for bit-depth (16/24), sample rate (44.1kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, and 96 kHz), individual tracks, all tracks, or stereo master.

Exporting to AudioCopy (with 

Exporting to iTunes

Exporting to Standard MIDI file export.

With all these EXPORT OPTIONS,  sharing your music  has truly NEVER been easier.

How does Korg Gadget sound?   I believe Fantastic!   However, you be the judge and listen to other’s tracks online.


Given the number of great sounding instruments, the ability to record vocals, process electric guitars direct, re-arrange, and export my music – I have yet to find a more valuable, useful and full featured app on iOS than Korg’s Gadget. 

For more information on Korg’s Gadget iOS app for iPhone and iPad – Check out the links below

The growing collection of Gadgets in the library.

Korg Gadget’s growing collection of instruments


Start composing, arranging, and performing with Korg’s Gadget today!


My mobile mini-music rig & tools:

  1. Apple iPad Pro 128
  2. Apple Lightning to USB camera adapter cable
  3. Korg Gadget (iOS)
  4. Akai LPK25 USB/MIDI mini keyboard controller
  5. Sony MDR-7506 studio headphones
  6. Incase laptop backback
  7. Zoom H2n digital audio recorder
  8. Hypershop – HyperJuice battery for MacBook Pro / iPad

Shop Amazon – The Musician’s iOS Store

Will It Fly? Pat Flynn 20180306

Will It Fly? by Pat Flynn

“How to test your next business ideas so you don’t waste your time and money”

Looking for a step-by-step playbook to validate your product idea that aligns with your life passion? – then Pat Flynn’s ”Will It Fly?” Could be the book for you!

Key ideas –

Will It fly is a step-by-step idea validation manual as used by Pat to validate his own businesses. The book is available on paperback, as well as on Kindle and Audible and is further enhanced by his companion online course.

After reading, listening to the audio book and completing the companion course – I’ve been using “Will it fly” directly to organize and validate a number of business ideas currently moving from ideation into incubation before development..

What I love about “Will It Fly?” is how Pat thoughlfully organized and sequenced his book. He was careful to ensure readers and listeners do meaningful prep exercises such as the ‘Airport Test” to ensure you map out where you want to be personally.

Pat also walks readers and listeners through the “History Test”… which helps you review previous jobs capture what you like and didn’t like and grade them. This is a great tool to help you see patterns of what you like and don’t like so that you can navigate your future successfully and efficiently.

The “Shark Bait Test” is another really insightful excercise which prepares you to spell out what your “unfair advantage” or your “super power” is in the face of a business challenger.

Pat also shares how to Brainstorm effectively – or as I like to say “pouring it all out” on paper.

To do this effectively – Pat suggests FIRST organizing your ideas into a single page of text. Don’t try to organize during this step, just get all the ideas down.

Next arrange the ideas into clusters on a single piece of paper.

The next major step is funneling this page of information into a single paragraph, and finally…

Distill this idea into a SINGLE sentence. As Pat notes, a considerable amount of effort will go into the last step to get your idea into a concise and effective sentence.

Pat gives tons of great actionable information on targeting your idea to the 3 P’s Place, People and Products that they will love… and…

Ensuring you’ve taken action to sufficiently research the market map.

Pat gives further practical guide for your Customer P.L.A.N –

It’s broken down into these specific areas that will help you know exactly how to focus your business.

* First solving people’s “Problem” – by deeply understanding it.

* Secondly, using “Language” that is familiar and resonates with your target audience.

* Thirdly, sharing in “Anecdotes” that express how you will overcome the problem, often these will be a short story about yourself or others.

* Lastly, figuring our key “Needs” of your target customers.

To help summarize what I like about Past Flynn’s “Will It Fly” are Some of my MAJOR Take-aways which include validating ideas with everyone. I *LOVE* using strangers to validate and refining my ideas.

Figuring our my “unfair advantage” / “super power” and remembering this advantage as I conduct business and am challenged by outsiders wanting to know why they should work with me.

* I am inspired by how Pat continues to serve his audience time and time again. I have so many other questions for Pat and look forward to learning more through his SPI podcast, his videos, books and his online courses.

If you love audio books as much as we do, click the link below to access “Will It Fly” on and new users receive a special offer when you click the link below.

Books by Pat Flynn

Audio Books by Pat Flynn

The War of Art: Steven Pressfield 20180302

The War of Art - Steven Pressfield

Steven Pressfield’s  “The War of Art” (as enjoyed as an audio book read by George Guidall)

“The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battle” written by Steven Pressfield was published in 2011 .

See More

Are you a creative individual looking to breakthrough resistance and make your masterpiece– then Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art: Winning the Inner Creative Battle” was written for you!

Today, we share highlights of Steven Pressfield’s “ The War of Art: Winning the Inner Creative Battle” as narrated by George Guidall.

First and foremost, I found “The War of Art” as an inspiration to get on with my creations.

First major take away – “The Most important thing about art is to work. Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying”

Second major take away – Everyone struggles with Resistance. You’re not alone. Don’t let that be your excuse.

Fear is another type of resistance. It can show up in many forms.

Actor Henry Fonda threw up before most of his performances. He just cleaned up and gave his performance.

Third major take away – You must treat your dream like a full time job.

We often work our day “job” when we’re sick, or tired, or have other things on our mind.

Pressfield underscores that the Professional ACCEPTS no EXCUSES. He points out that excuses are another “cunning” example of resistance. Don’t make excuses for working on your dream.

Another example is “waiting for inspiration” or the perfect moment, or for someone else to give you “permission or approval. This is more resistance.

Just DO IT! That’s the beauty of realizing your dream. You just NEED to DO IT!

In the “War of Art” Pressfield shares his personal philosophy which is deeply grounded in all his efforts to overcome personal human adversities with resistance such as procrastination, failures and excuses.

Written with an honest and transparent look into his own struggles and mistakes. Steven Pressfield’s “War of Art” is a real treasure for those ready to stoke their creativity into action.

If you find yourself lacking the motivation to move your pen, pick up your brush, compose your song, then you will likely find solace and encouragement in “The War of Art” by Steve Pressfield

Jump into “The War of Art” on audible today!

NOTICE: Affiliate links below to the book mentioned in this video.

(Audio book) “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield

(Book) “War of Art” by Steven Pressfield

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Twitter: @purposeful_idea

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Books by Steven Pressfield:

Audio books by Steven Pressfield: