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Will It Fly? by Pat Flynn

“How to test your next business ideas so you don’t waste your time and money”

Looking for a step-by-step playbook to validate your product idea that aligns with your life passion? – then Pat Flynn’s ”Will It Fly?” Could be the book for you!

Key ideas –

Will It fly is a step-by-step idea validation manual as used by Pat to validate his own businesses. The book is available on paperback, as well as on Kindle and Audible and is further enhanced by his companion online course.

After reading, listening to the audio book and completing the companion course – I’ve been using “Will it fly” directly to organize and validate a number of business ideas currently moving from ideation into incubation before development..

What I love about “Will It Fly?” is how Pat thoughlfully organized and sequenced his book. He was careful to ensure readers and listeners do meaningful prep exercises such as the ‘Airport Test” to ensure you map out where you want to be personally.

Pat also walks readers and listeners through the “History Test”… which helps you review previous jobs capture what you like and didn’t like and grade them. This is a great tool to help you see patterns of what you like and don’t like so that you can navigate your future successfully and efficiently.

The “Shark Bait Test” is another really insightful excercise which prepares you to spell out what your “unfair advantage” or your “super power” is in the face of a business challenger.

Pat also shares how to Brainstorm effectively – or as I like to say “pouring it all out” on paper.

To do this effectively – Pat suggests FIRST organizing your ideas into a single page of text. Don’t try to organize during this step, just get all the ideas down.

Next arrange the ideas into clusters on a single piece of paper.

The next major step is funneling this page of information into a single paragraph, and finally…

Distill this idea into a SINGLE sentence. As Pat notes, a considerable amount of effort will go into the last step to get your idea into a concise and effective sentence.

Pat gives tons of great actionable information on targeting your idea to the 3 P’s Place, People and Products that they will love… and…

Ensuring you’ve taken action to sufficiently research the market map.

Pat gives further practical guide for your Customer P.L.A.N –

It’s broken down into these specific areas that will help you know exactly how to focus your business.

* First solving people’s “Problem” – by deeply understanding it.

* Secondly, using “Language” that is familiar and resonates with your target audience.

* Thirdly, sharing in “Anecdotes” that express how you will overcome the problem, often these will be a short story about yourself or others.

* Lastly, figuring our key “Needs” of your target customers.

To help summarize what I like about Past Flynn’s “Will It Fly” are Some of my MAJOR Take-aways which include validating ideas with everyone. I *LOVE* using strangers to validate and refining my ideas.

Figuring our my “unfair advantage” / “super power” and remembering this advantage as I conduct business and am challenged by outsiders wanting to know why they should work with me.

* I am inspired by how Pat continues to serve his audience time and time again. I have so many other questions for Pat and look forward to learning more through his SPI podcast, his videos, books and his online courses.

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