Make this and every year about learning and growth!

Year after year, people start their January off with a list of resolutions. Whether written down, in a mental list, or in a new gym membership – there are themes that reoccur in personal resolutions each year. It may be the desire to lose weight, or complete a challenge, start a business, or some daunting adventure.

Often, resolutions fail. Miserably.

Why do resolutions so often fail?

I believe resolutions fail because people fail to identify and learn what works and what doesn’t work… specifically for them.

If you feel as if you speed through January with best intention, but by February, March, April or May, you lose steam, lose focus, lose hope… then check out our latest video on Past Year Review.

The past year review method has (for friends and I) removed dead-end activities, eliminated sources of frustration, and zapped the energy vampires. Meanwhile, following the method has added positive personal development, ensured participation in energizing activities, and surrounding oneself with inspiring mentors.

Not a bad use of time to jump start your new year! Don’t wait til the next year to learn about this method.

Wishing you much Positive new energy, health, prosperity and growth!


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