Ready Player One: Ernest Cline

 Ernest Cline’s  “Ready Player One” (as enjoyed as an audio book Read/Voiced by Wil Wheaton)

Ready Player One” was published in 2011, and is Ernest Cline’s 1st Novel.

Moreover, Ready Player One is an epic sci-fi voyage that weaves awesome 80s pop and video game culture into a dystopic future set in the year 2044.

Wade Watts – the lead character escapes his dismal existence of living in the “stacks” outside of Oklahoma City by plugging into the virtual world of OASIS to  escape reality thru his Avatar “Perzival”.

Along with his best friend, “Aech”, Wade (aka) perzival go on many adventures.

Upon his death, the OASIS’s famed creator James Halliday – challenges users to an ultimate easter egg quest where the prize is Halliday’s inheritance including ultimate control of the OASIS. The hunt includes numerous video game challenges as well as pop culture and music trivia.

In the race to claim Halliday’s fortune, Wade meets other gunters include score board rivals “Artemis, ”  “Shoto,” and” Daito,” who are competing with a larger formidable corporate foe known as Innovative Online Industries, aka “I O I” who use throngs of hired hackers  known as “Sixers”

Wil Wheaton’s stellar voicing of Ready Player One’s characters, present vivid sonic imagery of the events, character, and scenery that make Ernest Cline’s book come fully alive.  For those of you who lived the 1980s, this will be a trip down memory lane.

Ready Player One is so good, it was quickly picked up by Warner Brothers soon after publishing and attached none other than Stephen Spielberg to direct and will hit the big screen in March 2018

With all this awesomeness, nostalgia,  and adventure in one book… …what are you waiting for?

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