Audio Recorder and USB Mic: Zoom H2n

Zoom H2N – 3 Amazing Features

Frustrated with poor voice quality on your Podcast or YouTube Video?  Want to start recording quality audio?

Then the Zoom H2N  Could be the solution for you!


We share 3 amazing FEATURES of the ZOOM H2N, AND….

A BONUS TIP to help capture  pleasant VOCALS


Have you ever wondered which tools to buy to get great sounding audio? 

So did we.

We found the Zoom H2N in our extensive quest to capture great audio on the GO without a direct NEED of carrying a computer.

Secondly, we also wanted a device that could enable us to interview guests so that 2 voices could be separated and edited later.

Thirdly, we wanted to have a better USB vocal mic for when recording directly into a DAW like Apple’s Logic Pro and GarageBand for our YouTube videos and podcasts.

And so after trial and error using multiple audio recording products, we found the Zoom H2N

Amazing Feature #1

4 Recording Modes (mic patterns)

Each pattern lends itself to a very useful  recording application.

The XY mode records in stereo with mics at 90o angles. This allows a natural, deep and accurate sound image to be captured, making it optimal for recording sources nearby, including solo performances, chamber music, interviews, live rehearsals and eld recordings.

If you want to capture a stereo recording of a musical performance – then the X-Y pattern will serve you well.







If you want to capture a mono voice, you can use the Mid-Side (labeled) M-S on the pattern switch and dial the amount of Side pattern to enable ONLY the cardio pattern.








If you want to capture 2 distinct voices, the 2channel pattern can be your go to setting.

AND if you want to capture a multi-dimmensional sound field for Augemented Reality, Virtual Reality,  or an enriched field recording for film location sound, the 4-channel mode can provide you with amazing flexibility and stellar results.








These modes are suitable for recording live
rehearsals, studio sessions, business meetings and soundscapes, for example.

Amazing Feature #2

External Mic Input

We use the external mic input to record interviews with guests on the Go.

This affords us the ability to record without carrying a separate mixer and cables.

Using a Y-cable, I am able to split 2 cavalier microphones into separate tracks and isolate the interviewer and interviewee audio feeds for later editing as needed.

If you use the external mic, you likely need to power the mic either external with a battery pack OR utilize the Mic Power option included in the Input MENU option on the ZOOM H2N.

The External Mic input in combination with a Y-splitter and lavaliere mics is an extremely powerful interviewing feature of the ZOOM H2N






Amazing Feature #3

Use as an external “USB mic” for your computer or tablet.

I have found the large diaphragm of the Zoom H2N to capture scratch vocal for music production in hotel rooms.  This saves effort  and risk of having to carry a separate Mic pre-amp and expensive condenser microphone when traveling.

Using the Zoom H2N as an external mic is as easy as connecting the Mini-USB cable into the H2N, connecting to a computer, and setting the H2N to the Use as External Mic setting and SELECTING the correct Sample Rate.

For Videos I set the Zoom H2N to 48 kHz which is standard for video production.

Now… Let’s share our…


Have you ever noticed that some audio recordings have really HARSH “Popping”

“P”s and other syllables of the person speaking.

This is because microphones have sensitive diaphragms used to capture audio detail.

To capture cleaner vocals that are free of heavy distorted POPPING “P”s,  we highly recommend that you add a “Popper Stopper” filter to your rig when using the Zoom H2N.

A “Popper Stopper” acts as a material screen to “break up” the harsh audio pressure directed at the microphones sensitive diaphragm which.


When you start using a “POPPER STOPPER”!

With additional features such as instrument tuner, metronome, pre-recording functions, as well as high resolution audio capture –   The Zoom H2N is our go-to audio recorder and USB mic for audio and video production, and it lives up to it’s nick-name of “Handy Recorder”.

To purchase the Zoom H2N, the accessory kit, and a recommended Popper Stopper, see the links below in the descriptions of our video.

Share in the COMMENTS section below what tools you use for recording vocals for your YouTube Videos and Podcasts!

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